No Matter Your Business, Words Are Your Business

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By All Things Writing, LLC

Virtually everyone in the working world has had the experience of sitting down to write something, only to crumble at the thought of someone else reading it.

Conversely, most everyone has dashed off a chat message, social media post or something else without thinking twice, then regretted it.

One marks a brain block, the other, impulsivity.

What they have in common is this: whether it be through email, marketing, advertising or some other medium, communicating through the written word can be tricky and even nerve-racking, especially when it comes to your business. There’s good reason for that. Here’s what’s at stake.

Your brand – Even when you aren’t around to talk about your business, your brand is. Your brand makes people remember you. Brand is also all-encompassing. And that means so are the words you use in everything from sales and marketing collateral, to website content, to emails, to social media.

Your reputation – The way your business expresses itself affects the way clients, potential clients and the community spread the word about you. The right words help ensure what’s being said is good. The wrong words can start a firestorm.

Your credibility – If you’ve ever received an email or read a blog that has spelling or grammatical errors, you know first-hand how that reflects on the business. Poor writing makes your organization come off as unprofessional at best, incompetent at worst. While solid writing can position you as an authority, not-so-polished writing can position you as not worth listening to.

Your employee retention – Memos, email, chat…no matter what the communication form, words have power. A positive, professionally written memo can get staff motivated and moving. Think great morale. But an unprofessional or poorly worded one can kill it. So imagine what comes across in, say, an employee evaluation.

Your revenue – Words can either attract or repel customers. Use the right words to appeal to your audience and you have a chance at winning their business. Use the wrong ones and you might have lost that opportunity forever.

Here’s the good news: You have an audience, because customers and potential customers still read – in fact, in the digital age, people are reading more than ever. This means your writing can make a big difference in every area of your business. You are empowered, even when you might not feel it. So take a step back, take a deep breath and use words to your advantage. Then watch your business grow.

Serving private, government and nonprofit sectors, All Things Writing is a content development and content marketing company on a mission to help clients shine online and in print. They may be reached at

“Your Words Mean Business” provides insights and tips to business owners, organizations and professionals seeking to better their performance and increase their bottom line through sharpening written communication skills.


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