No One Wants COVID-19 for the Holidays!

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Provided by Prince William County

It is not surprising if people are suffering from COVID-19 fatigue. Think back to when the health crisis first began. It would have been hard to imagine the country would still be dealing with the pandemic in December.

There is hope following Pfizer’s announcement of its COVID-19 vaccine, but even when a vaccine becomes available, residents will still need to stay smart.
This holiday season, why not make plans with others in mind? That may mean forgoing annual travel plans to visit family and loved ones. “Because those infected with COVID-19 can be contagious without having symptoms, the best way to lower the risk of exposure and minimize the spread of illness—particularly to those at higher risk of severe illness—is to have a small holiday celebration this year,” says Dr. Alison Ansher, director, Prince William Health District.
Dr. Ansher recommends continuing to follow the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidelines:
  1.   Wear a mask.

2.   Wash your hands.

3.   Social distance at least six-feet.

4.  If you feel sick, stay home.

5.   Sanitize frequently touched surfaces.

Holiday gatherings should include only those who live in your household. For another holiday safety idea, Dr. Ansher says, “Why not catch that traditional holiday parade from the warmth of your home by TV with your household members? Think of it as a wonderful family bonding experience!”

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