Notice of Rabies Case and Possible Exposure

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Provided by Manassas City Police Department

On Saturday, July 6, at approximately 1:40 p. m., an Animal Control Officer with the Manassas City Police Department responded to 9115 Center St. (Calico Jack’s) for an injured bat. The bat was collected and found to have tested positive for rabies.

It is believed an unknown person(s) physically handled the bat prior to officer arrival. Any person in contact with the bat is at high risk for having contracted the disease and at-risk for serious health related issues.

The Manassas City Police Department Animal Control Section is asking anyone who came in contact with this bat on Saturday to immediately contact the Prince William Health District at (703) 792-7329 and to contact Senior Animal Control Officer Daigle at (703) 257-8102. Only individuals in physical contact with the animal are at risk and there are no health risks to the general public.

As a reminder, citizens should never handle bats or other wild animals. Contact the Manassas City Police non-emergency line at (703) 257-8000 if you encounter a wild animal.



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