Occoquan Forest Lift Station Underway

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Provided by Prince William County Service Authority

Construction of Occoquan Forest Lift Station
Construction of Occoquan Forest Lift Station

The Prince William County Service Authority has begun construction of a new sewer lift station next to the site of the small wastewater treatment facility that currently serves customers who live the Occoquan Forest community.

The station, which will replace the decades-old wastewater “package plant” located off Davis Ford Road in Manassas, is being built to meet stringent Virginia Department of Environmental Quality requirements. As an added measure of protection for the environment, the lift station will feature additional storage in case the capacity of the station’s wet well is reached. Once completed, the station will pump wastewater from homes in the Occoquan Forest neighborhood to the H.L. Mooney Advanced Water Reclamation Facility in Woodbridge for advanced treatment. The project is scheduled to be completed next spring.

The $2.1 million lift station project is starting as the Occoquan Forest Water and Force Main Project is coming to a close, with substantial completion scheduled for next month. New sewer mains are being constructed along Davis Ford and Occoquan Forest Drive that will connect to the new lift station.

The existing treatment plant cleans incoming wastewater from Occoquan Forest and then sends it out of the facility into a spray field behind the building. Once the small plant has been decommissioned, which could take up to five years, most of the 58-acre parcel will be turned over to Prince William County for public recreational use.


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