October Featured Artists at the Workhouse

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Building W-7 Featured Artist: David Barnes
Light Transfigured
October 1 – 31, 2014

Artist Statement:

The exhibit focuses on the inherent ability of art glass to transfigure, transmit and reflect light and to transport the viewer into another time an dimension.

David Barnes has been creating kiln-formed glass art works for over 30 years and has been a resident studio artist and class instructor since the Workhouse’s opening six years ago.



Citation: David Barnes, Seasons in the Wind, 2014, 28”H x 22”W

For interviews or to learn more about the artist and their work, please contact them directly:

David Barnes, Studio Artist at the Workhouse Arts Center: [email protected]
Building W-8 Featured Artist: Brian Grow
Translations: From Sketchbook to Structure
October 1 – 31, 2014

Artist Statement:

This exhibition is composed of ceramic vessels which maintain the requirement of functionality yet play with sculptural ideas. These works are coupled with their sketchbook concepts, from napkin doodles to fully formed, thoughtful designs. Select pieces will be rotated out of display and replaced every Thursday during the month of October, much like ideas flowing through an active sketchbook.

“The unifying idea, in this grouping of work, is my ever–growing interest in the balance between volume, and line. The elusive definition of line is what I find to be an intriguing idea to explore. The type of line that we call edge or the unseen extension of line that we call aura make for fertile ground to romp around in at leisure. And of course line defines volume and with that function.”

-Brian Grow

Come see how the creative process moves from conception, to design, to finished object. This exhibition features numerous vessels, both functional and sculptural. All vessels are functional, inviting day-to-day use. Visit weekly as pieces will rotate in and out of display every Thursday throughout the month – much like ideas flowing through a sketchbook.

Translation sketchbook

Citation: Brian Grow, SketchBook Excerpt 2014, Ink Drawing on Paper

For interviews or to learn more about the artist and their work, please contact them directly:
Brian Grow, Resident Ceramic Artist at the Workhouse Arts Center: [email protected]
Artist Website: http://artists.workhousearts.org/briangrow
Artist Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/brian.grow.186

Building W-10 Featured Artist: Jeff Gorrell

Water and Rock: Recent Paintings by Jeff Gorrell
October 8 – November 9, 2014

Artist Statement:

The flow of water around and over rock reveals a complex relationship between the two, where one is rapidly and visibly changing and the other is gradually and imperceptibly changing. The exhibit contains panoramic and intimate watercolor paintings executed on Yupo paper, a surface that is 100% plastic, thereby creating elements of flow and stability in the relationship between paper and watercolor that echo the relationship of water and rock.

Jeff Gorrell has a studio and exhibit space at the Workhouse Arts Center, Building W-10, and exhibits regularly with the Vienna Arts Society. He has exhibited watercolors and mixed media paintings in several venues in Virginia and Alabama, including the Virginia Watercolor Society Annual Show, and the Central Virginia Watercolor Guild. Most of his paintings are landscapes and non-objective abstracts.



Citation: Jeff Gorrell, Great Falls Cliff, 2014, watercolor on Yupo paper, 20” x 26”

For interviews or to learn more about the artist and their work, please contact them directly:

Jeff Gorrell, Studio Artist at the Workhouse Arts Center: [email protected] 703.255.3668

Featured Associate Artist: Joyce Watkins

Artist Statement:

About 7 years ago I began painting and my medium of choice is soft pastel. I enjoy the flexibility of application and how forgiving they are. When you get a late start as an artist, there are bound to be a lot of “do-overs”! Most importantly, though, is the lovely layered color one can attain and the resulting luminescent quality.

Fairfax has always been my home and is a wonderful location for an artist who appreciates diverse subjects. Nearby Washington, D.C., the Atlantic Coast, The Blue Ridge Mountains and central and southern Virginia provide a never-ending supply of beautiful material. It’s a joy when I feel I was successful in expressing my love of all those places with pastels and paper.



Citation: Joyce Watkins


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