Of Mercer: Fashion That Works

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By Roxy Rowton

Of Mercer Co-Founders Dorie Smith and Emelyn Northway

Interpreting contemporary dress standards and choosing what to wear for varied professional settings can be tricky business. With the breakdown of traditional business decorum and organizational practices no longer observing time-honored guidelines for appropriate workwear, universal dress standards for professional sartorial style have all but been discarded and abandoned.

To successfully navigate the landmines and the misinterpretation of too casual dress attire in the marketplace, one must acquire style skills for a pulled-together professional image and a wardrobe of office appropriate clothing. Since appearance is one of the most powerful non-verbal tools of communication and presentation, why shouldn’t office appropriate style of dress become an effective agent in one’s professional strategy?

That’s what one clothing brand aspires to do. Of Mercer creates clothing that just happens to be workwear appropriate. A line of clothing, that not only offers an office appropriate style of dress but furnishes a wardrobe capable of seamlessly dressing the professional woman from morning to midnight or from work day to work weekend.

When Co-Founders Dorie Smith and Emelyn Northway, graduates of the Wharton School of Business, experienced the conundrum of deciphering an office appropriate style, they also came up against the shortage of affordable quality workwear. Discerning that the professional clothing requirements of women were grossly misrepresented and overlooked, they took the advantage of the clothing industry’s insufficiency to launch Of Mercer.

Linguistically, the name Of Mercer is a derivative from the old French word “mercerie” or notions dealer. Notions dealers or mercers were merchants who dealt in cloth, particularly fine cloth that was not produced locally. French mercers imported fine silks, linens and velvets to England during the 12th century. Later the term mercery extended to those merchants who made the fine textiles as well as the sellers of fine goods.

A name befitting to a clothing brand of workwear that endeavors to establish the reputation for not only office appropriate attire, but merchants of fine quality textiles and goods. The brand’s textiles are sourced from countries renown for their exquisite offerings of cloth and fashion of the finest form — Japan and Italy. Every single garment is also produced from start to finish — designed, cut, sewn, & bundled — in New York City. The Co-Founders and design team have formed strong relationships with their partners in NYC. They work together with these respected vendors to make workwear garments of exceptional quality in form, fabric and function.

Beauty is often in the details. There are many beautiful design details encapsulated in the workwear collection: wrinkle-resistant fabrics that look polished all day, notches in sleeves for ease, contoured armholes for movement, hidden inner pockets for a tube of lipstick or smartphone, reversible styles for 2-in-1 styling, exposed back zippers for lengthening effects and more. The Of Mercer collection has extended sizes for every body up to a size 20W.

The workwear collection may not garner accolades for the most groundbreaking fashion designs, but these are polished, indispensable garments for fashion that works. Workwear clothing designed for a pulled-together professional image and a wardrobe of office appropriate style. A clothing line conceived from a passion and purpose to create workwear for women, by women.

The Of Mercer workwear is available for purchase online or at the New York store. Throughout the month of May, the clothing brand has a pop-up shop in Georgetown, DC. Stop in and checkout the Of Mercer workwear collection. Your work wardrobe will thank you.

Of Mercer: 3035 M Street NW, Washington, DC 20007 ofmercer.com


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