Officers and Resident Recognized at City Council Meeting

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City of Manassas, VA . . . At the May 13 City of Manassas City Council meeting, several officers and one resident were recognized for exceptional service to the community.

Officer J.K. Shubert was awarded the MCPD Medal of Valor. On Jan. 19, 2013 a resident called the Manassas City Police Department to report a suspicious person who was standing on the sidewalk on Liberia Ave. at the overpass. She was looking down at the railroad tracks and it looked as if she wanted to jump. Two officers were dispatched to the scene. Officer Shubert, who was nearby, also answered the call and was first to respond. On this area of the bridge on Liberia Ave. there is a fence about 40 feet long that serves as an added security measure for pedestrian traffic crossing the intersection. The person in question was on the opposite side, or the unsafe side, of the fence when Officer Shubert approached. Officer Shubert requested that the person come back to the safety of the overpass. She responded that she would not. Without hesitation, Officer Shubert moved along the fence to rescue the woman. This put him at personal risk should the person have decided to jump or struggle. Officer Shubert was able to successfully grab the female and walk her back to safety. It was later determined that her intention was to end her life. Had Officer Shubert not acted so quickly, precious time would have been wasted and the outcome may have ended in tragedy.

On May 25, 2012, Police Officer First Class D.T. Villanueva was providing assistance at the scene of an accident at the intersection of Wellington and Cloverhill Roads when a passerby flagged him down. The person let Officer Villanueva know that a juvenile had fallen from a skateboard and was seriously injured. When Officer Villanueva appeared on the scene, the youth was unconscious and not breathing. Officer Villanueva, with the assistance of Mrs. Robin Frey, performed CPR on the young male, reestablishing a pulse as Emergency Medical Services arrived on the scene. As Officer Villanueva contacted the family and began to investigate the incident, he learned that the juvenile had a previous heart condition and was able to relay this information to medical personnel. The victim was flown to INOVA Fairfax Hospital where it was determined that the victim had experienced a cardiac emergency. Officer Villanueva was selected as the Manassas City Officer of the Year for his life saving efforts with this young man. Mrs. Robin Frey was recognized for her assistance with a gift from the Manassas City Police Department for her part in this life saving effort.


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