Old Bridge Elementary Upgrades Playground Equipment

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Provided by Prince William County Schools (PWCS)

The joy of children laughing and playing, climbing over the playground equipment, shouting as they swish down the slide, playing “King of the Mountain” on the rock climbing wall, and making a fort at the top of the structure are the sounds of childhood. Old Bridge Elementary School recently upgraded some of the playground equipment, just in time for National Playground Safety Week.

Keeping the safety and ability of every student in mind, the school had input from students, staff, the school nurse and PE teachers to make sure that the playground would be safe, educational and fun. Some of the safety features used are soft bark on the ground to make landing less jarring, hard durable plastic instead of the shiny metal slides that can burn, and an open style that will allow children to be seen at all times.

The new playground has received rave reviews from students and staff. Assistant Principal Alyssa Francisco said, “The rock wall is a favorite of the students, as well as the trapeze ring.”


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