OmniRide Provides Access to Vaccination Sites

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Provided by Supervisor Margaret Angela Franklin’s Office

With COVID-19 impacting the region, OmniRide has been vital in providing critical transportation services, especially for essential workers. They have also served residents needing to make essential trips to such places as grocery stores and doctor’s offices. OmniRide Local buses also serve three local vaccination sites, with bus stops close to each location.

In eastern Prince William County and in need a little extra assistance? With advance notice, buses can be re-routed to pick riders up from locations within ¾ mile of a route and drop them off directly at the vaccination site.

Off-route service is not available in the Manassas area. However, riders may qualify for paratransit service. The OmniRide Access paratransit service provides door-to-door transportation specifically for people who are unable to use public transit due to disability. Paratransit service is provided in vans that can accommodate wheelchairs and mobility scooters. Visit to learn more about the certification process.

OmniRide has instituted protocols to minimize the COVID-19 exposure for passengers and staff. This includes stringent daily cleaning of bus interior, focusing on common areas such a handrails, arm rests, seat backs, and the bus operator’s compartment. OmniRide is performing enhanced cleaning once a week on all buses, and have upgraded the strength of cleaning products used on the bus fleet and enhanced on-board air filtration.

OmniRide has implemented measures to encourage and make it easier to maintain social distancing while on the buses. Passengers are only permitted to ride the bus for one loop at a time, limiting  extended exposure and contact between drivers and passengers. OmniRide Local service is currently fare-free to minimize interactions between bus operators and riders and allow customers to board quickly and self-distance more effectively. 

As mandated by TSA, all OmniRide passengers are required to wear a face mask that MUST cover both the nose and mouth while awaiting, boarding, traveling on or disembarking any OmniRide bus and while in the Transit Center lobby.

For assistance planning your ride call Customer Service at 703-730-6664. Visit to view bus schedules or plan your trip.

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