“On the Other Side of My Dreams” by Ken Moorman

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Provided by Ken Moorman

Are you ready? Yes, you. Are you ready to cross over? Cross over, where, you ask. To the other side of your life’s dream!

Everyone has a dream, a dream that only they can accomplish. A dream that keeps them up at night and even a dream that may keep them dreading going to and from work. What if you could make it to the other side of that dream? Ken Moorman’s latest book, “On The Other Side Of My Dream,” will not only catapult you, but also elevate you to your dream’s reality.

Ken Moorman is the founder of the award winning Jirani Coffeehouse located in Old Town Manassas. He is a community leader, dynamic speaker, business consultant and real estate expert. This United States Army veteran embodies the definition of hard work, dedication, and humble beginnings. A husband and father of two, Ken’s determination to live out his dream of becoming an entrepreneur places him at the forefront to be able to pull what people may feel will never happen: their dreams.

In this compelling story of triumph and victory, Ken shares his entrepreneurial journey from childhood to pursing and accomplishing his dreams. Readers will be able to take an in-depth look into Ken’s life as an entrepreneur. They will be provided life lessons that one could use during the different stages we all experience when we decide to go after any dream. Chapters such as ‘Painting the Dream,’ ‘Lucide Dreams,’ and ‘Reoccurring Dream’ allow you to unlock and deconstruct whatever it is preventing you from obtaining your heart’s desire.

“On The Other Side Of My Dream” by Ken Moorman is available now from Publishing Advantage Group publishingadvantagegroup.com. It is available on Amazon.com, Barnes & Noble, Books-A-Million.com and kenmoorman.com.



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