Open Space Arts Fashion Department Gears Up for Woodbridge In Fashion 2024

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Provided by Open Space Arts

Sunday, March 17 marked a significant milestone in the preparations for Open Space Arts’ Woodbridge In Fashion (WIF 2024), as 20 participating models and six selected designers gathered at Open Space Arts to begin gearing up for the much-anticipated fashion show. The event highlighted the diversity of the participants, with a wide variety of ages, genders, sizes, and backgrounds represented. Notably, there are three models representing the deaf and hard of hearing community, showcasing their resilience and the possibilities for their community in the fashion industry.

The models moved between designers, collaborating on promotional content and even starting to draft looks, walks, and playlists for the runway. “We don’t want to turn this into the typical model casting call where you come in one by one, get measured, walk, and then leave,” said I.E. Luckey, organizer of Woodbridge In Fashion. “We believe that everyone has creative ideas and they only require the right space, place, and feel for it to come out and make our initiatives that much greater.”

Open Space Arts is dedicated to highlighting community engagement at every turn, and this event was no exception. As the April 13 launch date of Woodbridge In Fashion draws near, Open Space Arts is focusing on bringing together the finishing touches of models, designers, cosmetology, and media to deliver on its promise to each and every ticketholder.

According to I.E. Luckey, less than 20 tickets are left, showing demand for the success of the event. Woodbridge In Fashion is set to deliver a groundbreaking experience that showcases the incredible talent and creativity in Northern Virginia.

For more information and to secure your tickets, click here or contact I.E. Luckey at

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About Woodbridge In Fashion:

Woodbridge In Fashion (WIF) is a fashion showcase event dedicated to celebrating, promoting, and diversifying the fashion industry in Northern Virginia. With a focus on local designers and creative talent, WIF aims to elevate the fashion scene and provide a platform for emerging and established fashion professionals. For more information, please visit


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