“Operation Freedom To” with Angela H. McConnell, Ph.D.

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Provided by Operation Freedom To

There’s new look at how veterans in Virginia are choosing to enjoy life. Dr. Angela H. McConnell, Major USA/USAFR (Retired), is hosting Comcast’s Operation Freedom To. This fun and entertaining show highlights the amazing programs available in our region. It also takes a community-collaborative stand on solving some of our most challenging veteran problems.

She has an exciting lineup starting in December with the Workhouse Military in the Arts Initiative that you won’t want to miss. Ongoing shows follow, such as standup comedy, yoga, scuba, rock climbing, hiking and more! You’ll discover the programs firsthand and get to know the people working to make them happen.

Along with her engaging shows, Dr. Ang Mac will take one overarching veteran problem at a time and challenge our community to help her solve it. Her first community challenge is on veteran transportation. This includes transportation to doctors’ appointments, to commuter lots, to the grocery store and to programs in the area.

Dr. Ang Mac is the founder and president of the Northern Virginia Veterans Association. She brings insight and expertise to this ongoing challenge. She is certain a reliable, consistent means of transportation can be created. With so many veteran programs being over-replicated, she said, we can refocus some of those resources towards this transportation issue. Let’s give our veterans what they’ve earned and deserve, starting with a way to get there.

Post on DrAngMac.Blogspot.com you to contribute your transportation ideas and information.

You can view her shows on Comcast Channel 2. On her YouTube Channel Dr Ang Mac, you can subscribe for free to see them monthly.


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