Opinion: What’s so Great About Leadership Prince William?

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Provided by Eric Williams

Leadership Prince William

Friends and neighbors, I’m here to tell you there are so MANY great things about Leadership Prince William (LPW)! This nonprofit organization operates with the purposes of engaging leaders and helping people network and advance themselves in our area. And as the Chair of the Recruitment Committee, I can vouch for the quality of the programs and participants.

How does LPW accomplish its goals? Well first, they teach leadership skills through their incredible educational opportunities — one for adults and one for youth. Their Signature Program for adults includes a 10-month program “to inspire and engage individuals and organizations to enrich our community through collaborative leadership.” In other words, Leadership Prince William is helping us help our community. It’s a wonderful way to better ourselves and serve our area at the same time. Graduates are now in leadership roles in business, government, the nonprofit sector and community affairs.

While going through the Signature Program, I met many like-minded community members from all walks of life and a variety of industries. The course taught us universal skills which we can use in any career or volunteer position, such as creative problem solving and team building. Once we’d learned a new skill, these engaging leaders encouraged us to get out into the Prince William community and use what we had learned to advance ourselves and help others. The energy during this program was amazing! If you want to learn more, attend one of our recruitment sessions.

What’s even more impressive about LPW is they offer a similar program for youth. Imagine learning these key skills at such a young age; they are helping our youth realize their full potential! Through mentoring, skill development and action, these teens are becoming responsible, bold and confident. They have the opportunity to attend the summer youth academy or to take part in mentoring programs in conjunction with their school.

To achieve their mission of engaging the community, LPW offers speakers and workshops to educate our community and also hosts monthly networking events called Continuing Conversation. We invite everyone to join us to learn with us and to get connected. We can go so much further together. And together, we can also participate in community improvement projects through LPW, such as the annual Comcast Cares Day and Bowling for Scholarships. These days involve community improvement projects and raising money for scholarships to LPW programs.

The mission of this unique organization is simple — to make our area a better place to live and work. Get involved with me today! Leadership Prince William serves Prince William County, the City of Manassas and the City of Manassas Park.

Eric Williams is a real estate professional who believes in the power of service, both to clients and community. He currently sits on boards for the Prince William County Boys & Girls Clubs of America, Leadership Prince William, Kappa Foundation, the Realtor Association of Prince William, Saint Paul’s College and First Mt. Zion Baptist Church, to name a few. Eric can be reached at ewillnupe@gmail.com.


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