Osbourn Park High School Students Excel Internationally

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Provided by Prince William County Schools (PWCS)


Results are in from an international assessment of student skills, and Osbourn Park High School students stand out. In 2015, a random sample of students sat for an international exam that was given to 15-year-olds across the globe. The exam assessed the skills that students at that age have acquired both inside and outside the classroom. Results are in the Program for International Student Assessment Report for 2015.

  • Osbourn Park students outperformed schools in the United States in science, reading, and mathematics literacy categories, and outperformed all countries in science literacy.
  • Osbourn Park students outperformed students from 68 other countries and were not measurably different, but were statistically equal, to four countries: Chinese Taipei, Estonia, Japan, and Singapore.
  • In reading literacy, Osbourn Park again showed well against the rest of the world, outperforming 67 countries and essentially tying Singapore.
  • In mathematics literacy, Osbourn Park outperformed 31 countries and was comparable to another 31 countries. Only Hong Kong (China), Macau (China), and Singapore performed better than Osbourn Park students.

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