Osbourn Students Reveal “Kindness Rocks”

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Provided by Manassas City Public Schools

A small act of kindness can leave a big impression. That was the intention of Osbourn High School’s “Kindness Rocks” campaign. That goal was achieved when students from Robin Albrecht’s Leadership class recently handed out dozens of small rocks painted with bright colors, pictures and encouraging words around Manassas.

Each rock was paired with a handwritten note from the Leadership students meant to improve someone’s day. On Monday, Nov. 18, the students visited Old Town. They shared their Kindness Rocks with community members and placed them throughout historic Manassas.

“It made me happy to see the smiles on people’s faces and it was wonderful to hear that I made their day,” said senior Jenny Cruz.

“So many people thanked us and loved what we were doing,” added Love Delaney, another senior.

Students visited City Hall and area businesses. Many of the students had the chance to experience parts of their community for the first time.

“A lady driving pulled over next to me and asked what it was [that]we were doing,” said senior Merlin Gamez-Melendez, “And after I explained, I gave her a card/rock and she was so happy and thankful. It made me feel really good about the work I was doing for my community.”

Senior Irving Vargas-Herrera said he enjoyed making people’s day. He described seeing people’s reactions as his favorite part of the experience, especially at one Manassas restaurant.  “The workers were very cheerful, and they reminded me of little kids when they were comparing their notes,” Irving said.

Whether it was through a rock that said “Smile,” a note with encouraging words or a simple exchange, Leadership students realized they can make a difference and “Kindness Rocks.”


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