OWL VFD Members Receive President’s Volunteer Service Award

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Provided by Occoquan-Woodbridge-Lorton Volunteer Fire Department (OWL VFD)

The Prince William County Community Foundation, Inc. (PWCCF) presented 109 Occoquan-Woodbridge-Lorton (OWL) Volunteer Fire Department members with the President’s Volunteer Service Award. The honored individuals volunteered a total of 55,657 hours in 2023. The President’s Volunteer Service Award recognizes individuals whose service positively impact communities in every corner of the nation and inspires others to volunteer.

Dr. Vanessa Gattis, President of PWCCF, presents awards

Dr. Vanessa M. Gattis, president and CEO of the PWCCF, said, “We’re excited to recognize some OWL members who have distinguished themselves with acts of volunteerism that positively impact our Prince William County community. They represent the great state of Virginia and are an inspiration.”

OWL President Dave Williams said, “We are proud of the service that OWL provides the community. Awards such as these recognize many of our most dedicated members who volunteer a tremendous amount of hours unselfishly. OWL is honored to continue to be an organization that provides community members with an opportunity to become skilled firefighters and EMTs, then provide this vitally needed service to residents and visitors in our area.”

The President's Volunteer Service Award

The President’s Volunteer Service Award was created in 2003 by the United States President’s Council on Service and Civic Participation to recognize the important role of volunteers in America’s strength and national identity. The PWCCF is a certifying organization of the President’s Volunteer Service Award. They are charged with the responsibility and honor to recognize exceptional volunteers and others who perform unpaid acts of service in service to others.

There are three achievement levels for the award that group awardees according to their number of volunteer hours. The PWCCF recognized 45 gold awardees, 31 silver awardees, and 33 bronze awardees. A full list is below:

Gold (500+ hours)

  • Jonathan W. Baldwin
  • Frank M. Bruno
  • Kurt E. Bolland
  • Myriam A. Bonilla
  • Braden A. Dasher
  • Ernest DeSantis, Jr.
  • Kyle P. Engborg
  • Charles T. Fox
  • Jeffrey W. Gallagher
  • Shaun P. Gingerella
  • Stacey M. Godin
  • Steven R. Godin
  • Kenneth D. Gottman, Jr.
  • Leo S. Greenwald
  • John N. Guenther
  • Wayne A. Haight
  • Malak M. Hassan
  • Katherine L. Hernandez
  • Paul W. Hughes
  • Mohammed Jibril
  • Camila E. Kaighen
  • Peter M. Langone
  • Matthew R. Largo
  • Jared A. Lawrence
  • Reggett Lawrence
  • Richard P. Lawson
  • Mark A. Lewis
  • Kavious B. Manley
  • Benjamin A. New
  • Steven S. Ostrosky
  • Melissa L. Payne
  • Caitlin N. Powell
  • Mark A. Powers
  • Scott M. Shaw
  • Carlyle H. Smith
  • Nicole C. Smith
  • Anthony M. Villanueva-Torres
  • Melissa J. Westphal
  • David H. Williams
  • David P. Williams
  • Ryan D. Williams
  • Sandra L. Williams
  • Jalen W. Wray
  • Michael H. Yankaskas
  • Arjuna J. Yost

Silver (250-499 hours)

  • Mark A. Bauer
  • Michelle E. Bauer
  • Daniel L. Collins
  • Edward A. Craig
  • David I. Crane
  • Stephani L. Deleon-Barrios
  • Glen-Michael W. Dookie
  • William J. Flynn
  • Alice M. Haeske
  • Megan R. Harbour
  • Tammy L. Hill
  • Nicholas A. Holland
  • Noah A. Kidwell
  • Brenda L. Kuhn
  • James A. Kuhn
  • Melaina E. Lewis
  • David C. Lukes
  • Katelynn M. MacDonald
  • Christopher J. McDonough
  • Luke H. Nessmiller
  • Michael T. Muldoon
  • Nataly Y. Munoz
  • Eleanore K. Rhodes
  • Jordan L. Richardson
  • Stephany J. Guadalupe Rivas
  • Richard T. Ruggieri
  • Andrew J. Sager
  • David E. Smith
  • George W. Smith
  • Cynthia M. Thackwray
  • Ashley E. Whitmore

Bronze (100 – 249 hours)

  • William A. Bottlick
  • Casey T. Chesney
  • Joseph P. Clerkin
  • Alexander Desmond
  • Riley P. Gardner
  • J’Vaughn L. Gasque
  • Sean H. Green
  • Isaiah C. Greene
  • Jacob L. Highlander
  • Joshua C. Hill
  • Sarah E. Kehlet
  • Adam B. Kinzer
  • Britney L. Ledinh
  • Emily T. Lopez-Romero
  • Christopher J. Melz
  • Thomas R. Moriarty
  • Cecilia M. Murga
  • Bao G. Nguyen
  • Derick N. Ondra
  • Michael Angelo D. Pineda
  • Belinda J. Powers
  • Stephanie M. Powers
  • Lauren V. Real
  • Sabrina T. Ricks
  • Kathryn G. Riggs
  • Sardi E. Rivera Johnson
  • David L. Sinclair
  • Anna M. Smith
  • Brooke A. Smith
  • Christopher T. Weber
  • Zachary H. Wessolleck ‘
  • Noel I. Wilcox
  • Cameron A. Wood


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