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For the Love of Soap & Glory

By BeautyLass, Contributing Writer

If you are a fan of Bliss–Marcia Kilgore’s iconic spa and beauty line–and you haven’t been to Sephora lately, make plans to visit your local store (JCPenny at Potomac Mills Mall) and check out her latest beauty offering: Soap & Glory. Much like the Bliss beauty line, Soap & Glory features delightful treats for the face and body that are packed with vitamins, minerals, herbs and plant extracts to improve the health and vitality of the skin, and are a glory to use!

PWL 3 13 Soap & Glory Kepner 1About 36 products in all, like Bliss, the names of Soap & Glory products are clever. Sexy Mother Pucker™ Lip Plumping Gloss; Heel Genius™ Amazing Foot Cream; Pulp Friction™ Foamy Fruity Body Scrub; and Clean On Me™ Body Wash are just a few of the punny names, and the line includes eau de parfum and anti-aging skincare as well.

Soap & Glory offers a complete range of skincare products including face cleansers, exfoliators, eye cream, moisturizer and wrinkle-fighting serums, as well as hand, foot and body products, and select cosmetic items. Start with the super-shiny Sexy Mother Pucker; like other lip plumpers, it tingles when you wear it, which slightly irritates lip tissues, causing the lips to swell. And voila!–fuller lips. While the effects are only temporary, they are oh-so-pretty while they last. The original Sexy Mother Pucker formula is available in shades such as clear, peach, and hot pink, and for those gals who want a little extra something-something, there’s the Sexy Mother Pucker XL, an ultra-shiny, extreme volume gloss that promises even more enhanced plumping effects. Recently, the line introduced Sexy Mother Pucker gloss sticks–three gorgeous glosses in an ultra-convenient stick form which offer more color payoff with all the same plumping benefits of the original formula. As if getting fuller lips isn’t enough, Sexy Mother Pucker also tastes good. Burgundy berry/vanilla, anyone? Or how about chocolate raspberry, buttered popcorn, or orange?  One thing to note: as mentioned above, Sexy Mother Pucker tingles…a lot, so if you aren’t a big fan of the uber-tingly lip plumper, you may want to reconsider this one, or apply it over another lip product such as lipstick or clear gloss to minimize the tingling effects.

PWL 3 13 Soap & Glory Kepner 2Other great bets include The Daily Smooth Body Butter (rich, soothing body butter cream with cocoa butter and rosehip seed oil), Flake Away™ Body Scrub (peach-scented and enriched with sea salt and shea butter, great for dry skin), Trick and Treatment Under-Eye Dark Circle Concealer (brightening concealer with light-reflecting pigments and peptides to firm and fight aging), Night in Shining Armour Cream (wrinkle-fighting night cream with superpeptide complex to address all the signs of aging) and Calm One, Calm All Bubble Bath (bubble bath with lemon and mallow extracts for dry skin). The perfect line to treat yourself or for gifting, Soap & Glory is also very affordable. Full-sized products start at $10 and top out at $38, and several are available in convenient travel-sizes. So, for the love of all things soap, head to Sephora and check out the glory.

BeautyLass is a local writer who has been working in the beauty industry for 20 years. She tries and uses dozens of products–some even spill out from under her bed–yet is always on the lookout for more.


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