PART 1: Four Easy Steps to an Exceptional Laundry Room

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By Douglas Martz

For most of us, laundry is that necessary part of life that keeps the world turning in clean and fresh-smelling circles. A well-planned laundry room design can lighten the load with custom cabinets and organizational solutions that cater to your needs.

Step One: Assess Your Needs

Does your family have specific laundry days, or does everyone do their own on an as-needed basis? Do you have a separate laundry room or just an area off the kitchen, mudroom or in the garage? However big or small the space, you want to use all of it in the most efficient manner possible.

  • You need space to store laundry products.
  • Dirty clothes need “holding space” room to sort.
  • Clean clothes need space for sorting, folding and hanging.
  • Eliminate piles of dirty clothes on the floor or closets.

Space availability may impact how your family handles laundry. A small laundry room or area may necessitate hampers in the bedrooms/bathrooms. If you have a dedicated laundry room and all laundry goes directly there, you’ll need multiple bins and hampers to contain the dirty clothes. Hampers can be specified per individual or group-sorted to whites, darks, jeans, delicates lingerie/hand wash, towels, dry cleaning, etc.

Laundry Tip: Notice the fabric content or washing instructions on clothes when you shop, so you don’t end up with things that are too much trouble to maintain.

Step Two: Maximize Your Space with Cabinets

Building custom cabinets around a washer and dryer is the best way to use all available space. Floor-to-ceiling cabinets can also provide the bonus of general storage space for things like small appliances or bulky comforters.

  • Upper shelves or cabinets keep laundry products within easy reach, including soaps, stain removers, bleach and fabric softeners.
  • Roll-under or pull-out hampers can fit under countertops that provide space for folding and sorting.
  • Adjustable shelves with dividers can hold clean, folded laundry until it gets put away.
  • Drawers hide small items like scissors, sewing kits, mesh wash bags and sock clips, eliminating clutter.

Laundry Tip: Use separate bins or hampers for extra-dirty items like pet blankets, smelly sneakers or “dirty-job” uniforms.

Part two will appear in the April issue. Douglas Martz is the president of Tailored Living featuring Premier Garage.


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