Patch Pride

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by Frank E. Vaerewyck FF/EMT

As Firefighters we are a very proud people. We take pride in our departments, our training, our uniforms, and most of all the companies we are assigned to. Just as the department has a patch that we wear with pride to identify who we work for, a lot of stations will also have a patch that signifies what station we are with, and some departments even go as far as having patches for the unit that you are assigned to. There is much to do about these patches, they signify the history of the company, the mindset of bravery that goes with that company, and usually have a unique design that shows this pride.

The military has this same tradition of unit patches that signify the individuality of the unit, but the commonality of being one force. My son, Hunter, as I have mentioned before has his mind set on serving our country in the United States Army, and his favorite sport is, and has been “Airsoft.” for those of you that are not familiar, Airsoft is a military style sport that groups of participants go to a field designated for this sport and play War with BB guns that shoot a softer, plastic BB than the coopers ones we shot at each other with as kids. These people gear out in the same equipment as the Professional Soldiers, usually bought at an Army/Navy store. He has amassed many of these unit patches and other patches called “Pride Patches” that may have a saying or logo on it.

I thought to myself as I glazed over his array of patches, Like Father, Like Son, for I have quite a few Fire Department and Company patches I have amassed over the years. Many of us share patches and trade patches from time to time, much like kids used to do with Baseball Cards. Another thing that gets traded and adored on a regular basis is recipes. I have often been quoted by my lovely Wife Tina, as saying “Recipes are great guidelines, but you can change it up a little, and make it your own.” Use them, adore them, trade them, change them to meet your fancy, but what ever you do take as much pride in your creation as we do in our patches. This month with Summer here, I am relaying a recipe for a libation that Tina and I came up with. You should not consume this while on duty, or operating any other equipment than a lawn chair with family and friends. Enjoy and “That’s Bringing the Firehouse Home!”

Blue CalypsoBlue Calypso Drink


1 oz Blue Curacao

1 oz Pineapple Vodka

1 oz Coconut Rum

Sierra Mist



Fill a 16 oz Tumbler, or any glass half way with ice, add 1 oz Blue Curacao, 1 oz Pineapple Vodka, and 1 oz Coconut Rum in no certain order, top with Sierra Mist. Garnish with a Lime and Pineapple slice for that extra added Island kick. Tina likes her’s with a little Margarita Salt on the rim of the glass with a wedge. ENJOY SUMMER!!!!


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