Pay a Compliment to Someone on Feb. 6

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Provided by Prince William County

Pay a Compliment Day, created by Adrienne Koopersmith in 1995, is celebrated on Feb. 6 as a day of showing people appreciation.

Koopersmith’s inspiration came during a bus ride when she saw a person frantically waving down the bus on a cold February morning in Chicago. The person was not at a regular bus stop, but the driver stopped anyway so the rider could board the bus. Koopersmith complimented the driver as she got off the bus and the bus driver’s gesture left such an impression that she decided to recognize the day as one for dishing out compliments.

The word compliment derives from the Latin word for complete, that is, “an expression of esteem, respect, affection or admiration,” according to Meriam Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary.

Studies show that receiving compliments activates the motivation and reward area of the brain, and children who are praised develop better motor skills, according to

Participate in Pay a Compliment Day by giving warm, sincere compliments to people who do good. Compliment people with cards, notes, or in person.

Paying sincere, specific, and honest compliments is contagious and reinforce positivity. Compliments can also be given on other days of the year. Pay a Compliment Day serves as a nudge to get people started with the habit of paying compliments.


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