Planning Ahead for a Safe Holiday Season

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Provided by Drive Smart Virginia

Designate Before You Celebrate This Holiday Season

If you are going out to celebrate the holidays and there is even a possibility that you may drink alcohol, you need to plan for a safe ride home. With just a few drinks you could become too impaired to safely drive. If you choose a designated sober driver before you drink, you can have a good time and get home safely. Designate BEFORE You Celebrate! Happy Holidays!

Holiday Safe Driving Tips  |  Holiday Season Impaired Driving Prevention

As we prepare for holiday festivities with our family and friends, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration wants to remind all drivers about the dangers of buzzed driving. The holidays are known for being merry and bright, but they’re also known for being the deadliest season when it comes to buzzed driving. Every holiday season, lives are lost due to drunk drivers. If you plan on drinking, plan on NOT driving.

Drive High Get a DUI

Drug-impaired driving is a problem on America’s highways. Like drunk driving, drugged driving is impaired driving, which means it is dangerous and illegal in all 50 States, Puerto Rico, and Washington, D.C. Whether the drug is obtained legally or illegally, driving while impaired poses a threat to the driver, the vehicle passengers, and to other road users.

More About Drug-Impaired Driving

Older Driver Safety Awareness Week


The American Occupational Therapy Association’s Older Driver Safety Awareness Week is held annually on the first week of December to raise awareness of the many resources available to older drivers and their families to promote safety behind the wheel.

More Info for Older Driver Safety Awareness Week



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