Potomac High School Students Win Welding Competition

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Provided by Prince William County Schools (PWCS)

This story features a learning activity that took place prior to school closures due to COVID-19.

Students at Potomac High School recently participated in the SkillsUSA Welding and Welding Sculpture District Competition. This year, students competed against Spotsylvania Career and Technical Center.

Simon Bhagwandeen is a welding instructor at Potomac High. He said, “The welding students at Potomac High School did an outstanding job representing Prince William County Public Schools.”

Congratulations to the winners from Potomac High:

Tyler Hebert, placed first in sculpting
Nicholas Kadlubowski, placed second in sculpting
Braden Mack, placed first in welding
Logan Meoli, placed second in welding
Romeo Thomas, placed fourth in welding

Welding students performed a variety of welding processes in various positions with different material thicknesses. Performance of their work was held to the standard set by SkillsUSA, the Virginia Department of Education, and the American Welding Society.

Welding sculpture students were given specific criteria based upon height, length, width, finishing, and weight for their assignment. Sculpture students can work on their activity throughout the year. Their project is displayed for grading on competition day.


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