Prepare for Potential Snow and Ice to Impact Commutes Tonight, Tomorrow

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Provided by Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT)

VDOT asks drivers to monitor forecasts closely—and plan to leave early or adjust commutes—for potential snow and ice impacting rush hours this evening and tomorrow morning. Crews are staging along roads early to be ready for rush hour, but please remember that with very low temperatures, pavement that looks wet may be slippery.

What’s Happening Now

  • Crews have touched up pretreatment on areas prone to freezing such as bridges, ramps and overpasses to complement treatment that remains from freezing conditions throughout the week.
  • Crews will stage along roads through the day today in preparation for this afternoon’s rush hour.
  • With below-freezing temperatures in store, crews will continue to work overnight to treat for icy conditions.

Info for Drivers and Residents

  • Monitor forecasts closely for weather start times today and plan ahead—leave early or adjust commutes—to avoid driving during inclement weather.
  • Check road conditions at and if you find yourself in inclement weather, be sure to drive for the conditions. Significantly reduce speeds and allow plenty of extra time for commutes.

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