Prescott House Saved!

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City of Manassas, VA . . . For more than 15 years, the house at 9300 Prescott has been the subject of much discussion and concern for the City of Manassas. The home has been under a demolition order several times and was scheduled to be torn down on June 3,2013. On Saturday, June 8, 2013, Prescott House got a new owner, Hugh Ickrath.

“I am happy that this City of Manassas home will be restored to its former glory,” said City Manager John A. Budesky. “The City worked with the previous owners for more than 15 years trying to bring the home up to code compliance, to no avail. I believe that through Mr. Ickrath’s efforts, the home could be a welcoming presence at the entrance to the Old Town area.”

“This City, with its beautiful homes and historic Old Town, will truly benefit if Prescott House is restored to its 1900’s beauty,” said Mayor Harry J. Parrish II. “The City was not pleased to be put in the position of having to remove this house due toblight and safety concerns. I applaud Mr. Ickrath’s efforts.”

Buying the house is not a money making proposition for Hugh Ickrath, a neighbor two doors down from Prescott House. It’s a labor of the heart. Ickrath has been working behind the scenes since December 2012 to coordinate efforts to save the house. He has been in constant contact with the City, keeping the City Manager informed of his progress along the way. Budesky granted an extension to the June 1 deadline after progress was made towards purchase and restoration of the house.

Mr. Ickrath will have 30 days from the date of settlement to abate the unsafe conditions on the front porch and 45 days from the date of settlement to remediate the exterior of the home.


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