Prince William-Area Pets: Junebug from Manassas

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Fetch! Pet Care, Junebug

Junebug from Manassas

Provided by Fetch! Pet Care

Junebug is an 8-year-old short-legged mixed breed girl who lives in Manassas. Her animal friends are a flock of chickens who eye her warily.

How I met my owner:

My mom found me browsing Once she saw my face, she knew that I was going to be hers. The next day, my mom went to an adoption fair outside an Atlanta pet store, and the rest is history.

Fetch! Pet Care, Junebug

Favorite thing to do:

Going on walks, playing tug of war, snuggling up to my family, and snoozing…I like snoozing!

Favorite food:

I’ll eat nearly anything, though raw collard green stems are a particularly unusual favorite.

Favorite toy:

Anything with a squeaker, so I can tear it out in triumph within five minutes. Super tough, extra-durable dog toy? No match for my teeth!

Funniest habit:

Getting spooked by my own flatulence, I sometimes try to run away from my own rear end.

What I taught my owner about dogs:

Nice long walks are about more than physical exercise for a dog; they also provide mental stimulation that leads to happier, healthier pets. Which, when you think of it, isn’t too far off for humans, either.

Fetch! Pet Care

Fetch Pet Care of Manassas


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