Prince William-Area Pets: Maverick from Manassas

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Provided by Fetch! Pet Care

Fetch! Pet Care

Maverick is a 7-year-old boy Bengal who lives in Manassas.

Other animal friends

My best friend and bro is Mason, an Orange Tabby

How I met my pet parent

I was adopted. As my dad says, #adoptdontshop

fetch pet care, Maverick from Manassas

Favorite thing to do

I live to climb on things! Because my dad loves me and Mason so much, he put up cat shelves all over my home so I can climb and explore like I was out in the wilderness. He also bought lots of cat trees for nappies and such; those babies don’t come cheap!

Favorite food

So I admit, I’m a really, really picky eater. I’ll eat something for awhile and then I get bored and won’t touch it for months. I do this on purpose so that my dad will provide me with a menu. Variety is a must for a healthy Bengal!

Fetch Pet care

Maverick from Manassas

Favorite toy

Love my Catnip Cigar. I sometimes like to imagine that I’m actually smoking it in a cigar bar.

Funniest habit

I like to get my daily exercise by running around the house each morning after everyone is up like a wild animal climbing all over the walls. After 10 good minutes of that I am tired and ready for a nap. Keeps me lean and mean. I’m also weird and scared to death of the AC unit when it comes on. I don’t know why, but after three years in my home I am still not used to it. But don’t confuse this with me being a scaredy cat…cause I’m not!

What I taught my pet parent about cats

Ok no judgment, I’m on Prozac. I’m not depressed or anything, it just calms down my anxiety a bit. Besides, it’s cool to be on the same medication half the population of hoomans is on.



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