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Provided by Keep Prince William Beautiful

KPWB- Keep Prince William Beautiful


Keep Prince William Beautiful (KPWB) had an increased amount of storm drain labeling, community cleanups and adopt-a-spot clean ups this summer! Either hosted by KPWB, individuals, or groups, Prince William County citizens stepped up and took responsibility for an area that was in most need of a little TLC. KPWB volunteers always set the example and put in the hard work to provide a positive effect on our environment.

KPWB also completed its last quarterly Litter Survey. Participants were eager to give their insight to help target future areas for cleanups!

These programs are an important way volunteers can make a difference; KPWB was able to show appreciation by nominating volunteers to the Congressional Record earlier this year.


Through interacting with the community, KPWB seeks to educate everyone on the effects our actions can have on the environment around us. This summer, KPWB kept busy by focusing on educational outreach at summer camps, festivals and so much more.

The KPWB team interacted with several groups of different ages with games and topic discussion like litter prevention and conservation. Because there are different ages, KPWB was sure to cater to the audience. For example, with younger students at summer camps, KPWB played environmental games and read a story to help them learn about littering. For older groups, KPWB prepared a recycling demonstration that was followed by pairing off into groups and playing a littering prevention game. Overall, students remained engaged and KPWB reinforced basic ideas through fun activities.

Simple outreach can help to not only show what KPWB is doing, but it can show others what they can do to help their environment as well. By giving citizens, both younger and older, more information about environmental protection, they can help to be responsible stewards of the earth.


We are looking for someone to sponsor a storage unit or donate a storage area where we can store beautification materials like wagons, watering cans, leaf blowers, etc. Our office is small and some of these materials make it difficult to access the materials we use every day.

Any donors or sponsors will be featured on our website and our next t-shirt!


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