Prince William Board of County Supervisors Issues Commendation for Service to the Homeless

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Provided by Prince William County

The Prince William Board of County Supervisors recently commended a pair of churches and an outreach ministry for their work in helping the homeless in Prince William County.

The Manassas Baptist Church and Streetlight Community Outreach Ministries served the county’s unhoused in partnership with the Prince William County Department of Social Services through the local hypothermia program operated on the western and eastern ends of the county.

Between Nov. 1, 2021 and March 31, 2022, the Prince William County Hypothermia Program provided shelter to single, homeless adults when the weather and/or windchill reached 32 degrees or below.

With the help of a $500,000 state grant to the Manassas Baptist Church and local funds provided to Streetlight Ministries, there were 142 unhoused adults who received assistance at the eastern-end hypothermia center and 102 unhoused adults received assistance at the western-end hypothermia center.

The Manassas Presbyterian Church opens its parking lot, at no charge, to Serving Our Neighbors, for drop-in services on Tuesdays and Thursdays year-round to individuals experiencing homelessness. In 2021, Serving Our Neighbors served approximately 2,000 members of the Greater Prince William Area homeless community.

The board’s commendation recognized the work the churches did last winter and the work they continue to do in helping the community’s homeless.

In its commendation, the board also reiterated its commitment, with support from non-profit organizations, state and federal agencies, to provide material and financial support to area homeless assistance programs that serve individuals and families in the Greater Prince William Area affected by homelessness.


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