Prince William Chamber to VA Senators: Make Sustainable Transportation Funding Your Legacy

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Rob_ClapperThe Virginia Senate failed to pass a transportation bill before the crossover last night, the date when bills “cross over” from one body of the General Assembly to the other for consideration.  After this point, each body may only consider bills passed by the other house.  With transportation cited as its top legislative priority, Prince William Chamber of Commerce President & CEO Rob Clapper made this statement:

“We are disappointed with the lack of compromise shown in the Senate last night, particularly on something that impacts each and every citizen of the Commonwealth.  According to a Texas Transportation Institute report, Northern Virginia has the worst congestion in the nation, with each driver facing 67 hours of delay per year at a cost of $1,398 per driver. It is no wonder that 83% of Virginians voice support for a long-term transportation funding plan.

With this type of public support, and the obvious economic toll of continued inaction, it is time for our elected leaders to move past bipartisan politics and get the people and businesses of Virginia moving again. We urge Senate members to learn from their colleagues in the House, where bipartisan leadership produced progress on this important issue.

There is one more chance to pass sustainable transportation funding this session, with the bill that passed the by the House of Delegates.  Missing this opportunity would set Virginia back, jeopardizing our position as the top state for business and crippling our quality of life.  We urge all of our state leaders to work together to end Virginia’s transportation crisis.  This should be the legacy of the 2013 General Assembly.”



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