Prince William Connections

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One of the things I love most about Prince William is all of the connections. The businesses and nonprofits connecting to benefit the community, the history connecting to make our area what it is today. It’s all about connections.

One of the greatest stories I’ve recently heard about local connections is the story behind Old School Kitchen and how it came to be. So many wonderful individuals, businesses and community groups have pulled together to create this incredible resource to combat food insecurity in our area. Read all about it in this month’s Giving Back.

Want to make connections to our past? Prince William is rich in history and covered in historical sites and markers sharing the stories of what happened right here so many years ago. Join writer Carla Christiano on her local road trip through our area’s historical markers in this month’s feature.

In Home and Hearth this month, learn the dos and don’ts of recycling in Prince William from Keep Prince William Beautiful. Do your part to ensure that future generations continue to enjoy this beautiful area and all it has to offer. And speaking of future generations, check out our Lifelong Learning section to get a glimpse inside BookConnect, a program of Bookworm Central and SPARK, designed to provide students with a literary experience that enhances awareness, understanding and engagement about significant topics.

Is that summer heat starting to get to you? Find some great ways to cool off as a family, in our Family Fun section. And Destinations brings you some cool options for relieving stress as well — think ax throwing and smashing things, all in the air conditioning. Sounds great, doesn’t it?

Have you been considering doubling down and paying off your mortgage? Wondering when is it the right move and when is it beneficial to keep the mortgage? Find out in this month’s Your Finances.

And it wouldn’t be an issue of Prince William Living without our Local Flavor. This month, read up on Doug’s Deli, where they’ve got plenty of summer sandwiches and drinks waiting for you.

We wish you all a happy and safe Independence Day. Enjoy those sweet summer days.

Rebecca Barnes, Publisher



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