Prince William County Has A New Commercial Photography Studio

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Provided by Mark Gilvey Creative

2-mgc-studio2Mark Gilvey Creative announces his new photo studio location in Prince William County, Virginia. Mark Gilvey has opened the (garage) door of his new 1,100 sq. ft. photo studio located in Great Oaks Business Park (part of PS Business Parks). Located at 2809 PS Business Center Dr. in Woodbridge (near Home Depot and Global Food), the studio will have ample space to handle catalog photo shoots of products as small as jewelry and as large as a motorcycle or small vehicle.  

“I recently signed a new client to photograph their line of plumbing supplies. I will be photographing everything from small fittings up to large bathtubs. It was not possible for me to photograph the bathtubs in my basement. There just wasn’t enough room and the neighbors would not have appreciated large trucks showing up at my house to deliver product. So that was the impetus I needed to grow my home-based business out of the basement.”

“I am excited to be able to have this space so I can work on several projects at once. It will also allow me to have more freedom to work with larger subjects. The location is convenient for clients and is near some of Prince William County’s best shopping and dining.”

Mark Gilvey Creative, LLC offers commercial photography-studio and on location; “gorilla” video; and retouching and image compositing services. Mark Gilvey Creative is a member of the Prince William Chamber of Commerce, the Professional Photographers of America, and the Northern Virginia Professional Photographers Association. For more information, visit


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