Prince William County Residential Solar Energy System Installations Training Video Now Available Online

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Provided by Prince William County Department of Development Services

Prince William County Department of Development Services has announced a new Residential Solar Energy Systems Installations Training video and presentation is available online. An expert panel share step-by-step instructions on the County’s plan intake, quality control, review, and approval process, and provide guidance on solar energy system installation plan requirements.

“Solar energy contractors and the number of permit applications have risen tenfold in the past few years. As market demand increased, so has the volume of new contractors and consultants entering the solar energy market,” said Wade A. Hugh, Director, Department of Development Services. “We want to ensure all contractors and homeowners are familiar with the Prince William County solar energy systems installation process, as many entrepreneurs in this market are still acquiring knowledge and experience.”

The Department of Development Services presented three Solar Energy Installation Training Seminars, which were made available over three days in August. Thirty-eight attendees, representing thirty-one separate Solar Energy companies, participated in the training. The training presentation is now available online here and on video here. Both can be found at

Today, there are approximately eighty Solar Energy contractors in the area and working in Prince William County. Twenty-one solar energy project plans are approved in Prince William County each month, on average. In the first half of 2022, Prince William County approved 147 solar energy installation projects.

“As demand increases, advances in emerging technology come to market and homeowners spend more time in their homes, it is vital that safety is a shared priority by all parties – contractors, consultants, homeowners, occupants, guests, and for others, such as, fire and rescue,” said Eric Mays, Building Official, Prince William County. “The training will improve the contractors’ knowledge and ability to obtain building permits efficiently and ultimately benefit our homeowners.”

In the last five years, over 820 homeowners have installed solar energy power systems in their home. Last year, the Department of Development Services implemented an all-new Residential Solar Energy Systems ePlans Checklist. The County provides Residential Solar information and instructions online, typical plans, and Solar Energy Systems Tax Exemptions for solar energy equipment, facilities, or devices. There are three typical plans: Roof Mounted Solar Panels Structural Plans; Small, Single Inverter Systems Plans; and Small, Micro Inverter/AC System Plans. For more information, visit the Residential Solar webpage, email or call (703) 792-6930.


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