Prince William County’s growing entrepreneurial ecosystem attracts Brickyard Cowork space

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October 3, 2018 – Prince William County, Va. – The Prince William Board of County Supervisors is pleased to announce Brickyard, Northern Virginia’s coworking community provider, will open its second location in Neabsco Commons, Woodbridge, Virginia.  Brickyard will receive $400,000 towards office equipment and tenant improvements through a new public-private partnership agreement.  The brand new location marks the first of its kind in the County and is expected to open in summer 2019.

Recognizing the County’s robust federal contracting and defense technology sectors, as well as an emerging entrepreneurial class they have sparked, Brickyard identified the unmet need for those businesses and professionals to be physically accessible to their clients, while also providing flexibility to operate remotely. Its new Neabsco Commons location, with easy access to nearby federal installations, proximity to Interstate 95 and U.S. Route 1, will provide the ideal location and venue from which small businesses and entrepreneurs can operate effectively.

“We are excited to welcome Brickyard and look forward to a long-term partnership of growth and success in the County,” said Corey A. Stewart, Chairman, Prince William Board of County Supervisors.  “This reaffirms our continued pledge to provide a dynamic and diverse business community that supports small businesses, encourages entrepreneurship, drives innovation and generates new opportunities,” Stewart added.

Ann Orem, Managing Director Brickyard said: “Brickyard is more than a workplace, it’s a community that fosters connection and collaboration amongst its members, that provides resources and amenities to fuel the growth and success of the individuals and businesses it serves.”

“When we were considering where to locate our next facility, Prince William County was the obvious choice.  The confluence of its talented workforce, enhanced by its cutting-edge educational institutions and its large military veteran population (the county and environs is home to over 180,000 highly trained military veterans); its strategic location; robust infrastructure; and supportive business climate, makes a compelling business case and is frankly the secret to its success,’ Orem added.

John D. Jenkins, Neabsco Magisterial District Supervisor said: “We welcome Brickyard to the Neabsco District and are delighted to usher in a new collaborative agreement, dedicated to helping generate greater entrepreneurial opportunities in the community for both residents and businesses.”  “Brickyard is a great addition to our District and Prince William County,” Jenkins added.

“We are delighted to welcome Brickyard to Prince William County and specifically to the New Woodbridge,’ said Frank Principi, Woodbridge Magisterial District Supervisor.  “Strategically located between the nation’s capital and the state capital, Brickyard’s newest coworking community space provides convenient access to both cities – and everything in between, delivering a new infrastructure, innovation and integration for anyone in the process of starting or growing a business.”

“We believe Brickyard will be an excellent addition to our already successful project, Neabsco Commons, which is uniquely suited to meet the modern and community-orientated working lifestyle of today’s marketplace,” said Michael Collier, President, Uniwest Companies.  “The favorable blend of co-working space, retail, residential, and nearby hotel accommodations, all within walking distance to one of the nation’s largest community colleges and regional workforce training center provides a strong foundation for a dynamic ecosystem set to spur further economic growth.”

Located within a short distance to Interstate 95, off Exit 156 (Dale Blvd.), nestled in the heart of Neabsco Commons, the new Brickyard address will be Suite 101, 2700 Neabsco Common Place, Woodbridge, VA 22191.  It will be located across from Freedom High School, adjacent to Northern Virginia Community College – Woodbridge campus and the Regional Center for Workforce Education and Training (WRC).

The 7,110 sq. ft. coworking space will include 14 flex desks, 10 dedicated desks and 20 private offices. Brickyard’s mission to create an all-inclusive community ecosystem helps businesses and individuals gain access to talent, relationships, experts and funding through collaboration, networking opportunities, lunch and learn events, matchmaking/mentorship programs, meetups, fireside chats, pitch competitions and technical assistance programs.  Brickyard will also provide dedicated desk space for a Prince William County employee and Flory Center employee at no cost to the County, as part of the shared goal to grow and foster new and existing small businesses and entrepreneurial ventures within the community and County at-large.

The Prince William Board of County Supervisors approved an agreement between Brickyard and the Industrial Development Authority (IDA) of Prince William County and agreed to provide a $400,000 Economic Development Opportunity Fund grant, as an incentive.  The project marks the third such agreement in recent years.  The first public-private partnership-based business incubator was launched in December 2012, the Prince William Science Accelerator.  In 2013, the County opened the doors to the second business incubator, the Virginia Serious Game Institute, through a public-private partnership with George Mason University.

To learn more about Prince William County and its thriving business community please join NAIOP and us on Thursday, October 11, 2018, at the Regional Center for Workforce Education & Training (WRC), to hear the latest on Interstate 95 and U.S. Route 1 Development and Redevelopment opportunities.  Space is limited, so please register here today!  Or visit us at @PWCDED.

About Brickyard

Brickyard is a coworking initiative, developed for new, existing and growing businesses.  We created Brickyard to solve a problem. Solopreneurs needing office space, teleworkers who need to get out of their house, small business owners who need affordable office space to grow their business – all people you will find at Brickyard. We offer a beautiful, functional workspace, close to home. Through Brickyard, we aim to enhance our local communities by fostering economic growth in our region. Brickyard offers a variety of membership levels to accommodate the needs of our community.  To learn more, click here.




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