Prince William Living Announces the 2022 Best Places to Work Winners

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Prince William Living Announces the 2022 Best Places to Work Winners

by Rebecca Barnes

September is National Workforce Development Month. Prince William Living’s mission statement supports Workforce & Economic Development, so we are proud to take a moment to highlight and recognize the hard work done by workforce professionals and local businesses to create good workplaces for staff and the community.

Earlier this year, sponsored by SBR Workplace Leadership Services, we launched the first Best Places to Work in Prince William. Organizations were nominated by their employees, and our judges reviewed and selected the best. The judges evaluated employer benefits, workplace culture, and employee morale, among other factors.

“We were awed by the quality of nominations we received,” Prince William Living Publisher Rebecca Barnes said. “After reviewing the nominations, it is difficult not to be impressed by the passionate comments made by many employees at these great companies.” Prince William Living is proud to present the contest’s results in this new annual award. “It takes a lot to be a great place to work. It’s more than just benefits,” Barnes said. “Our winners are great examples of companies working hard to make work fulfilling. It’s nice to see that it’s happening in many places in our community.”

Winners were chosen by how the nominees answered a series of questions on the business. We learned a lot about these companies and the people making them the Best Places to Work in Prince William.

Creating a culture of care for employees.

Many of our winners have policies that support employees to give back to the community. “Micron encourages volunteerism and provides paid time off to do so,” says Josh Culp, who nominated his workplace.  “Micron is implementing many initiatives to decrease its carbon footprint and develop a more sustainable process. There are many other community outreach efforts, such as the Micron STEM education program, which is part of the Micron Foundation (Micron Gives). Micron Gives also offers donation matching.”

Helping employees succeed in their careers. 

The Prince William Aquatics Center is another example of excellence in our community. They have a lot of opportunities to succeed for their staff. “Training costs are 100% covered, and it’s an easy (one more class) jump to move from Lifeguard to Water Safety Instructor. The building supervisor was recently certified in Pool Operator training/instructor.” nominator Karen Hammack shared.  “In-service opportunities are offered all month, and staff must complete four hours per month of this training.  Employees can keep current on best practices in the guard and rescue field, get questions answered, and the physical drills and practice rescues help with physical fitness and speed in the water.  All administration staff is encouraged to seek local, regional or national conference opportunities.”

Quality HR policies that reflect the company is listening to staff and creating inclusion.

Culture is important to the Prince William County Service Authority. As soon as you visit their website, you know their commitment to a culture of diversity and inclusion. In job interviews, the questions ensure that “candidates have cultural competencies that build collaboration and teamwork.” Says nominator Sandra Hardeman. “For example, a sample question a hiring manager can choose from might be Please describe your experience working or interacting with diverse groups of people. We would listen for answers that illustrate respect for others and listen for understanding. The SA’s commitment to furthering diversity and inclusion in all areas of our work, including policies and practices, work environment, recruitment and retention, and contracting and procurement.”

Nurturing creativity and fun within the business

It only makes sense that a marketing agency must nurture creativity within the office. Anyone who has visited Imagine in Manassas can attest to the quirky, playful decor that includes Star Wars memorabilia, a Ms. Pacman machine, and a Pez collection.  Comfortable couches allow employees to take breaks when needed, and both offices and open workspaces are available, depending on each employee’s work style.  Flex time and remote work are available when needed, and bringing your pet to work is welcome. Company excursions include trips to breweries, restaurants, and distilleries. Finally, the company’s annual tattoo reimbursement policy is very popular.

Excellent benefits

Many of our winners offered amazing company benefits. with R.W. Murray Co. leading the way. “All health insurance is 100% paid for by the company, including health incentive programs,” says nominator Nominator Alexis Dimotica. “HRA Funding, company-paid life insurance of $35,000, and long-term disability are available to employees. Additionally, new employees start with 15 days of PTO, and each employee gets an extra day off for their birthday!”

We are pleased to announce that the following organizations have been named Prince William Living’s Best Places to Work:

Bright Starts Daycare & Learning Center
Farrell & Croft PC
Loveless Porter Architects
Micron Technology
Milrich Virtual Professionals, LLC
Prince William Aquatics Center
Prince William County Service Authority
R.W. Murray Co.
ServiClean, Inc.
SPEC Innovations
Villagio Hospitality Group

We thank these local businesses for continuing support of our community’s quality of life. Please let these businesses know how much you value them by congratulating them!


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