Prince William Living December 2022

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Time for Cheer, the Holidays are Near

Welcome to our holiday issue. We’ve filled this edition with fun ways to celebrate the season with those you love. And if you’re like me, as the season winds down, you find yourself wanting to hold on to those cozy feelings of togetherness and the warmth you get from giving. This month’s feature can help you carry that feeling throughout 2023 with ways to volunteer and give back every month of the year. Share your talents with our community like it’s the holiday season every season. We’ve even got some terrific opportunities that include the entire family.

While you’re filling your holiday calendar, our Destinations and On a High Note sections have lots of activity ideas for you. Try your hand at classes where you can make gifts to give to those you love.

Read all these articles and plenty more in our December 2022 issue of Prince William Living!



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