Prince William Living June 2017

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Raising children is not for the fainthearted. It’s an incredibly monumental task to take a selfish being and turn him or her into someone who becomes a productive part of society and an adult that we all like, want to be like or want to be around. As the mother of two Generation Z’ers, I am always amazed at how truly busy and accomplished this generation is at such young ages. When most of us were growing up, there were no sports travel teams, gifted and talented school programs or governor’s schools. Everyone graduated from high school with the same diploma. And, academies were only for the rich and famous. If your parents discussed college with you, it wasn’t usually until your junior or senior year. Now, we have teenagers with impressive resumes before they reach the tender age of 18 and who contemplate, in middle school, which high school classes they will need to get into a four-year college. The accomplishments of Generation Z should not go unnoticed because they work hard and they contribute to our communities. Paul Keily profiles a few of these extraordinary teens.


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