Prince WIlliam Living June 2018

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June is a fun month, and it officially launches summer on its 21st day. Pools are open, and the water is almost warm enough to swim in without getting hypothermia. We celebrate dads with Father’s Day. And high school seniors graduate and celebrate with family and friends. In our area, thousands of young people will graduate from high school and contemplate their next life choices.

Some will attend college. Some will join the military. Others will work full-time, and some may take a gap year. Whatever their decisions are, if our future is in the hands of graduates like this year’s extraordinary teens, then we are in good hands. In our cover story, “Extraordinary Teens” by Marianne Weaver, you will meet 10 young people who will inspire you with their academic and community success. See page 4 for details on who made this year’s list.


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