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By Carole Keily

This is the first of an occasional series about books the staff of Prince William Living has enjoyed.

“The Margot Affair” and “More than You’ll Ever Know” are very similar well-told stories by first-time novelists. The themes of family and trust and secrets exposed run through both books.

“The Margot Affair,” by Sanaë Lemoine, takes place in Paris, where 17-year-old Margot, the daughter of a well-known actress and a government minister (who are not married to one another), offers up her mother’s story to a journalist she has just met. The story the journalist tells turns out to be rather flattering to her mother; and yet, over the next few months, Margot learns a lot about trust and friendship and marriage and families of all kinds.

“More than You’ll Ever Know” by Katie Gutierrez is the fictional story of Lore Rivera, a Laredo, Texas woman who was concurrently married to a man in Texas and a man in Mexico City in the 1980s. One of Lore’s husbands murdered the other and is serving time in prison. Lore’s story overlaps with that of Cassie Bowman, who in 2017 discovers this story. As Cassie researches the story for a book she’s writing, she and Lore eventually meet, and Cassie uncovers details that were not revealed at the time of the murder or trial. Cassie, too, learns about marriage and friendship and families.

These would be good beach reads – and they’d be good reads at any time of the year, really. Both books are available at the Prince William Public Libraries, on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Audible.


Carole Keily is Prince William Living‘s online editor.


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