Prince William Living Writer Accepted to Sorensen College Leaders Program

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April 16, 2013 – Contributing writer Stephanie Tipple was accepted into The Sorensen Institute’s College Leaders Program.

The Institute, founded in Charlottesville in 1993, “seeks to improve political leadership in Virginia, thereby strengthening the quality of governance at all levels of government,” their website states.

There are currently five programs that the Institute runs; Political Leaders, Candidate Training, College Leaders, High School Leaders and Emerging Leaders, each with the goal of training and informing Virginia residents about how public policy and how they can impact the community they live in.

The College Leaders Program, which Tipple will be attending in June of 2013, is geared specifically for college and university students across the Commonwealth that want to work in a non-partisan environment to become thoughtful, informed and advocating citizens in local and state public policy.

“For me, this is a great opportunity to learn more about the way that government functions in Virginia, and how to work with fellow students from both sides of the aisle to create effective and positive policy. By completing this program, I’ll be able to work in my community to advocate for causes I feel strongly about and get hands-on training to put towards my goal of running for United States Senate,” Tipple said.

The Institute has had several notable graduates including Rich Anderson, Mark Dudenhefer, Bryce Reeves, Ralph Northam, Kenny Alexander and David Bulova.


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