Prince William Public Library July Highlights

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Provided by Prince William Public Library System

The Prince William Public Library System (PWPLS) offers a number of programs throughout the year for all ages including families, children, teens, and adults. PWPLS would like to highlight some of those programs and events below. Please visit our website to learn more about all of the events offered for the month.

That’s one small step for man… Going to the moon with your library card

Travel is big in July – we Americans are on the move in the summer. Whether we’re traveling for vacations or for relocating, lots of miles are traversed. However, 50 years ago this month, several men had to travel a lot farther than any of us to get to their destination: the moon.
Apollo 11 landed two men on the moon on July 20, 1969. Some of us were watching it on TV, and some of us were not born yet, but we all know it was a historic milestone in our country’s history. If you didn’t get to see it “live,” take a look at our Digital Library and find Access Video on Demand. Original NASA footage, PBS special programs, and lots of other fun things to watch can be found there for free, non-commercial viewing with just your library card.
If print is a preference, check out the brand-new book One Giant Leap: The Impossible Mission That Flew Us to the Moon by Charles Fishman. Also new, and a title that looks at where we are now, is Moon Rush: The New Space Race by Leonard David. There are many other books and videos in our collections about this historic moment. You can find both general histories of space exploration and individual biographies of the astronauts. If you prefer fiction about going to space, NoveList Plus in our Digital Library will help you find titles of interest.
As you stargaze on a clear summer night this month, keep in mind you can learn much more about the new frontier of space with just your library card.
A funny, frenetic performance demonstrating the beauty of butterflies, the mystery of their camouflage, and the trickery of their disguises. Plus… LIVE BUTTERFLIES! Multiple dates and locations. Grade 1 and up.
Soar through the stars in this collection of Greek myths! Travel the night sky and delight in learning stories of the wind, seasons, sun, and moon. Look up every once in a while! Multiple dates and locations. Ages 3 and up with caregiver.
Meet reptiles in a wildly exciting and interactive show that introduces awesome (and slithering!) reptiles. You might have a close encounter with lizards, tortoises, or a giant python as you learn about these amazing creatures and what it’s like living in their world. Multiple dates and locations. All ages with caregiver.
Get a free photo ID of your child from the Prince William County Sheriff’s Office. Multiple dates and locations. All ages with parent.
Have you ever seen a green aracari toucan? Or do you know how a sugar glider flies? See these and other awesome animals, up close and personal, and meet one after the show! Multiple dates and locations. Ages 3 and up with caregiver.
Come cook (and eat!) with us: We’ll learn how to make delicious foods, like Coney Island hot dogs and snow cones, fruity desserts, brunch favorites, and quesadillas and queso! Multiple dates and locations. Grades 6 – 12.
Enjoy a lively introduction to the orchestra in this engaging combination of storytelling with small orchestra performances. Multiples dates and locations. Ages 3 and up with caregiver.
Meet your friendly neighborhood police in a “read-along” especially for you. Enjoy stories read by your friends in blue, along with songs and activities from your librarian storytellers. Multiple dates and locations. Ages 2 – 6 with caregiver.
Join leadership coach and author Barbara Gustavson for this workshop based on strategies from her new book, Permission to Be Bold: A Guide to Loving Yourself, Living Fully, and Leaving Your Mark on the World. Women want to thrive and take action on personal goals, but often feel they don’t have the time and energy while caring for everyone else. Connect with others, learn personal growth tips, and create a self-care plan and take-home project. Adults.
By the end of the Civil War, nearly 200,000 black soldiers were serving in the Federal Army. After the war, many decided not to return to a life of sharecropping and racial oppression, instead volunteering to battle outlaws and Indian raiders along the western frontier. This program uses dazzling reenactments and the expertise of military historians to tell the multifaceted story of the Buffalo Soldiers, a name given to black troops by their Native American adversaries.

Book Corner

Love Big Little Lies in print or on TV? Looking for the next engrossing read-alike? Check out this list – all available in print, some in audio, many in e-book and e-audio– and all of them sound like just the thing for a BLL fan.

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