Prince William Science Accelerator Welcomes Its Sixth Tenant – Serpin Pharma, LLC

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Provided by Prince William County Economic Development

PWC economic development

The Prince William Science Accelerator today welcomes its sixth tenant, Serpin Pharma, LLC, a development stage biotech company, which recently leased a total of 1,141 square feet at the wet lab facility.   With this latest tenant, the wet lab facility is almost at full capacity with only one wet lab space available for lease.

Established in 2014, the Prince William Science Accelerator has been one of the most recent catalysts for Prince William County’s life sciences industry along with other developments within Innovation Park, such as the establishment of George Mason University’s (Mason’s) Institute for Advanced Biomedical Research.  The County has established its position as a thriving life sciences and technology hub within the Greater Washington metro area and its momentum is poised to continue.

“We are happy to be located in such a state-of-the-art facility as the Prince William Science Accelerator,” said Dr. Cohava Gelber, Founder and Executive Chairperson of Serpin Pharma, LLC.  “Being in the heart of Innovation Park, within close proximity to Mason’s Science and Technology Campus and related research institutions will only enhance our work going forward,” he added.

“Serpin Pharma, LLC has been a welcome addition to our roster of life sciences companies at the Prince William Science Accelerator,” said Jeffrey Kaczmarek, Executive Director, Prince William County Department of Economic Development.  “The groundbreaking work being carried out by Serpin Pharma, LLC is consistent with and reflective of the caliber of companies we expected to attract when we embarked on the establishment of the Science Accelerator,” he added.

Established in 2011, Serpin Pharma, LLC specializes in the development of anti-inflammatory and immune modulating peptides with potential application in inflammatory, autoimmune diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis and diabetes.  The company has been awarded over $500,000 in sought-after Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) grants from the National Institutes of Health and the Commonwealth of Virginia.  The company already holds a patent and has applied for additional patents to cover “use” and “composition-of-matter” for a family of anti-inflammatory peptides.

To learn more from the Prince William County Department of Economic Development, connect with us at BioPharm America in Boston, MA, September 13-15, 2016, where Chris Girdwood will be happy to meet expanding life sciences companies looking for a mid-Atlantic location.  Then, later in September, Virginia Science and Technology entrepreneurs are invited to attend a Lunch & Learn to be held at Mason’s Science and Technology Campus, from 11:45 a. m. – 1:00 p. m. on September 22, 2016.


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