Product Review: Tan Secret

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Shhhhhh…I Have a Secret

By Rebecca Barnes

I am fair skinned. VERY fair skinned. My legs could blind you, and not because they are the gams of a Rockette.  I shun the sun for several reasons, including my fear of skin cancer, but even more so because I suffer from Vitiligo. Vitiligo causes depigmentation of the skin and is connected with autoimmune disorders. If I get any sun at all, the areas without pigmentation stand out, and even risk burning. Because I am so pale, this condition is not nearly as noticeable on me as on darker-complexioned folks. Still, it can be disheartening at times, seeing others sporting tans, knowing I can never get one.

In the past, I have tried self-tanning products for special occasions, but most are either hard to use or have an odor.  So when I saw Tan Secret, I was a bit skeptical. If you have ever self-tanned, you know many times you come out orange or have an odd smell, or both. So with low expectations, I gave it a try.

The package contained two pumps of Tan Secret and 4 sets of gloves, as well as instructions and a “shower poof” applicator. After reading the instructions and exfoliating and moisturizing the night before, I jumped into the shower in the morning, wondering if I would come out looking like an Oompa Loompa.

Users are to apply Tan Secret after doing their normal routine, while still in the shower. I was pleasantly surprised when I first dispensed it from the pump. The foam, which was a dark brown, didn’t smell bad. I used the applicator and, as instructed, did one small section at a time, washing it off right away. I liked that there is almost NO waiting time and was surprised how quickly it works.

The applicator was easy to use, although the handle could have been longer. I have short arms and couldn’t apply Tan Secret to my back by myself. I understand that they couldn’t make it much longer in order to keep packaging size reasonable.

After doing my arms and legs, I also applied it to my neck, décolletage and face. If you self-tan incorrectly, you can look like you didn’t wash up after playing in dirt. Tan Secret, though, came through with flying colors–no “dirty face.”

I found that applying one day and adding a new application the next day worked well. I could start off with a light hand and reapply if I wanted to look darker. For me personally, it did a decent job of hiding my Vitiligo. I had to go back and apply more to some of these areas, but that was not an inconvenience.

Overall, if you are a self-tanner, you will love this product. If you have never used a self-tanning product, this is a great one for beginners. So if you see me, and I look a little “sunnier” than usual, be sure (not) to keep my secret!



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