Project Grow Your Good

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Provided by The Human Services Alliance of Greater Prince William

Network for Good helps small and growing nonprofits expand their impact on communities. Each month, Project Grow Your Good’s donations/giveaways help empower organizations creating positive change.

Tell them about your mission by Aug. 15 for a chance to win:  A $5,000 cash donation, one year of Network for Good’s fundraising software, 1:1 session with a Personal Fundraising Coach. Apply here.

Tips for Better Fundraising Appeals

  1. Don’t beat around the bush. Be specific about what donors can do to help solve the problems you outline.
  2. Ask early, ask often. Craft a single, clear call to action and repeat it at least twice in your appeal email or letter.
  3. Highlight a suggested donation amount. Offer your donors guidance on how much to give and clearly explain the tangible impact it will have.

Looking for help managing your fundraising process? Request a demo of Network for Good’s software.


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