Project Mend-A-House Volunteer Presented with Local Hero Award

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Provided by Project Mend-A-House

The Board of Directors and staff of Project Mend-A-House (PMAH) are proud to announce that one of our core volunteers, Margaret Hoover, was awarded a 2016 Healthy Communities Healthy Youth Local Hero Award for her work with PMAH. This award is given to those individuals/organizations that have demonstrated a commitment to improving the lives of youth in Prince William County.

Ms. Hoover, an Intensive Juvenile Probation Officer with the 31st Court Service Unit, inspires her young charges to live up to their potential and do the hard work necessary to effect change in their lives while learning from their mistakes.

Two years ago, Ms. Hoover approached Ms. Jennifer Schock-Bolles, Executive Director, about setting up some volunteer opportunities so that her kids could complete their mandated community service hour requirements.  Ms. Schock-Bolles welcomed the opportunity for additional volunteer support for our projects helping low-income seniors, veterans and people with disabilities remain safely and independently in their homes by providing minor home repairs, safety and accessibility modifications.

Ms. Hoover treats her charges with respect, honesty and integrity and expects the same from them. Over the years, PMAH staff has watched these kids blossom over the course of working on a project as they are encouraged to contribute their ideas and learn new skills. Ms. Hoover offers the kids a chance to experience the satisfaction of helping others as well as the opportunity for a second chance. Not only does Ms. Hoover offer that opportunity, she leads by example, rolling up her sleeve and getting to work with them, doing the same tasks that she is asking them to do. She does not stand on the sideline and order them around; she makes them a part of her team and gives them the chance to take on some responsibility. She offers them trust that they will do a good job while providing the support they need to increase their confidence and self-esteem. She teaches them that no matter how bad things seem in your life, there is always someone who needs help more than you.

“Margaret truly cares about giving her kids a better future. Margaret’s dedication to her young charges does not end when they have completed their mandated hours. She remains an advocate for them as they make their way into the world,” said Schock-Bolles.  “We are truly grateful for her dedication to Project Mend-A-House and the work we do.” she concluded.


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