Public Input Needed to Determine Future Parks and Recreational Amenities

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Provided by Prince William County

​The Prince William County Department of Parks, Recreation and Tourism is asking county residents what they would like to see in the future for parks and recreational amenities. To gather that input, the department will host a public forum from 10:00 a. m. to 11:30 a. m. on Saturday, Jan. 26 at the McCoart Administration Building.

An Interactive Forum

Brent Heavner, the department’s communications services division chief, said that the interactive forum — where people will participate in a survey and register their opinions via electronic fobs — will give the department a grasp of the community’s wants and needs. “It will help us understand what is the future balance, in terms of the types of amenities, that people in the community want to see.”

Soon after the forum, the department will send out 16,000 surveys to randomly selected households to further determine what the community wants. This feedback, plus the feedback from several focus group surveys that were recently concluded, will supplement the feedback received during the forum, Heavner said.

Citizen Input Needed

The Department of Parks, Recreation and Tourism provides a wide range of services, including recreation centers, sports fields, playgrounds, bicycle and skate facilities, trails and equestrian facilities. Still, the department needs to know how to balance those amenities, Heavner said. “We really need to know the community’s wants, needs and demands. For us to plan for the next 10 years of parks development in Prince William County, we simply can’t do that effectively without citizen input. Citizen input is so valuable to us as we go through this process. So, we ask anyone who has an interest in helping shape the future of Prince William County’s parks and recreation amenities to come join us for this meeting and be a part of this process.”

Heavner said people who can’t attend the forum can contact him at to provide input.

Results from the feedback collected will be used to update to the county’s Comprehensive Plan, Heavner said. The Comprehensive Plan is the county’s guiding resource for land development decisions and investments in public infrastructure.

More information about the Department of Parks, Recreation and Tourism is available at


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