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Provided by Mark Gilvey Creative LLC

Mark Gilvey Creative announces the creation of two photography books to help advanced and professional photographers self-publish photo books. Mark Gilvey takes his 25 years of experience in prepress, photo-retouching, and design to create two books aimed at helping photographers grapple with the issues of printing Black & White and Color photography in books, and magazines (and zines). He calls this his first two in a series of publications called This Is A Test (TIAT). The publications are called Blurb For Photographers Using Adobe® InDesign®, Lightroom® and Photoshop® Part 1 and 2.

“If you ever wanted to make a test book, before you go all-in, these guides will give you a great head start for preparing your files for press. When I started this project, there really weren’t many books out there that could give me a good idea of what my-own photography would look like using a print-on-demand service, like Blurb.” Gilvey said. “If you enjoy researching new gear you will buy, or a photography class you want to take, then you should research print-on-demand. I’ve got it all here in two volumes.”Each publication covers the ins-and-outs of preparing your digital files. Gilvey said, “Did you know there are many colors of black that can affect how your B&W image will look? Do you know how white, white is on paper? Have you checked your black on black densities? What would your image look like with a 300 max ink density, vs. a 260 max ink density.” He also goes into areas that photographers typically avoid such as page design, how to make silhouettes, avoiding rivers, streams, orphans, the gutter, and how to check for “blobbage.”“The publications have to be purchased as real, hard copy for you to see the actual results from each of the tests I do—a PDF will not illustrate the same way as print will.” Gilvey continues, “you can download a free sample as a PDF from my website, to see what it looks like, but to really understand what you are looking at, and to be able to compare it to what your minds-eye desires for your-own work, you need to have it in print.” He adds, “If you are only doing B&W, you only need the B&W version, but you’ll miss all the information about layout, and text that is in the Color version. If you are planning to only do color photos, you need both publications, they are both vital to color work.”Click here to purchase or download samples of these two guides.Mark Gilvey Creative, LLC offers commercial photography including product, food and restaurant photography, architectural, headshots, passports, photography of your services, and industrial photography.


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