From the Publisher January 2016

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by Rebecca Barnes

Happy New Year! Now is when we turn toward goals and strive to make things fresh and new. What better time to talk about revitalization in our community? As we work on improving ourselves, so has our community been working on itself: improvements in roads and traffic flow, infrastructure such as libraries and schools, and new large-scale attractions like museums or a ballpark. Learn about all the exciting changes to date and the ones to come in our feature story, “Revitalization: It’s What’s Happening!” by Peter Lineberry.

The more things change, the more they stay the same. In this month’s, On A High Note (page 10), our editor in chief, Kim Howard, CAE, talks to Dean Dominique: retired U.S. Army major, Airborne Ranger, combat veteran and grandson of Herman Robichaux, Sr., who served in World War II under General George S. Patton, Jr. Dominique’s book, “One Hell of a War: Patton’s 317th Infantry Regiment in WWII,” emerged from his college thesis, and chronicles what life was like for the soldiers who served and discussed how the strategic decisions made by brass impacted the foot soldier. Dominique points out how little has changed for the infantry on the ground, but the donations from his book are making big changes.

Speaking of books, “check out” Prince William’s Little Libraries in January’s Destinations. You can plan a trip to get a book from one of several locations around Manassas. These unique and exciting grass-roots distribution boxes make kids and adults alike want to read. Many Write by the Rails members put literal blood, sweat, and tears into the project. (Just don’t let Dan Verner near power tools anymore.) Will the trend take off and spread around the county? Find out in this article by Colleen LaMay.

Is one of your New Year’s resolutions to be more involved with the community? You might want to spend some time with a local Kiwanis club. Emma Young shares the mission and impact of these local clubs in Giving Back, on page 14. See not only the work they do, but how they instill volunteerism in the next generation through sponsoring youth groups such as Key Club. Learn how you can help Kiwanis and their benefactors. Working out and getting in shape usually tops the list of resolutions. We have two articles this month on the subject of fitness. One is this month’s Taking Care of Business.Tracy Shevlin talks to Ball-istic Sports and Training Center. Focused on athletes, learn how this business is taking those already in shape to the top of their game! January’s Family Fun by Amanda Causey Baity, takes a more low-key approach to exercise, integrating it into everyday activities to “sneak” a little exercise into your families’ regular routines. See “ Working Out: A Family Affair” on page 20.

Be sure to read our columns, both in print and online. From health and wellness to your finances or our “What to Watch” column with our Hollywood Reporter John Steven Rocha, find something of interest to you at Whatever your resolutions are, if any, we wish you a productive and healthy 2016!


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