Pure Barre Woodbridge: Meet the Owner

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By Madalynn Amos

Pure Barre Woodbridge continues celebrate its opening. They’re inspired by studio owner Chelsea Shea, a highly involved and energetic leader,

Chelsea has a background in professional dance, choreography, and dance education. She came across Pure Barre, where she found she could maintain her fitness level in a more casual environment. She was amazed how the 50-minute, low impact workout could yield the same results as a professional 90-minute Ballet Class. She says, “I love how Pure Barre fosters community, and in turn improves not only the physical health of our members, but their social health too!” In the community she’s creating at Pure Barre Woodbridge, Chelsea wants to build a culture of movement where people transform their mindsets and know that small movements can yield large results.

Chelsea is a strong believer that Pure Barre is for everybody and every ‘body.’ People like to say, “I don’t have any rhythm, I couldn’t do that!” Her response is, “If you can breathe, you can dance!” Chelsea takes this same mindset to Pure Barre. Not every workout needs to push you to the brink. We must consider our joints, our heart rate. Pure Barre’s 50-minute workout is designed with amazing kinesthetic research.

Beyond the creation of curated content, Pure Barre teachers bring individual attention to members through modifications so everyone can achieve the same benefits class despite any prior injuries or health concerns. Our clients get personalized support in a group environment. Through the specifically designed technique, the teacher’s support, and the studio’s community, Pure Barre Woodbridge is on a mission to help create a new way to think about fitness.

Chelsea is an incredibly expressive individual, though she fully recognizes that not everyone else is. She wants to be sure that some of the less-vocal members are enjoying their experience at Pure Barre Woodbridge. Recently, one quiet member said that she feels stronger after a Pure Barre class than after her physical therapy appointments. “This is the essence of why I desired to bring Pure Barre to Woodbridge. I love providing a safe space to explore movement and help to empower our members!”

To experience this welcoming environment championed by a studio owner who truly cares, join us for a free class! Book yourself into class by using this link or by calling 703-904-6322!

Madalynn Amos is a Sales Associate for Pure Barre Woodbridge. When not working, she enjoys taking Pure Barre classes, reading, and spending time with her family.


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