PWC Park Rangers, DC Metro Police Certify U.S. Capitol Police in IPMBA Instructor Training

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Provided by Prince William County Parks, Recreation & Tourism

The Prince William County (PWC) Park Ranger Division joined the Metropolitan Police Department DC (MPD), and Instructors from the International Police Mountain Bike Association (IPMBA) the week of Aug. 17 to 21, 2021, for a joint training session to train U.S. Capitol Police (USCP) as Basic and Crowd Management Bicycle Instructors. The five-day IPMBA training event is designed to certify qualifying persons as IPMBA Police, EMS, or Security Cyclist Instructors.
Prince William County Park Ranger Michael “Bike Mike” Wear, a 23-year member of the International Police Mountain Bike Association and a certified Instructor Trainer for Police Cyclist, EMS Cyclist, Security Cyclist and Bicycle Response Team, was the Lead Instructor for the “IC” Instructor Training Course (the train the trainer course), and trained the same group in Bicycle Response Team (BRT) Training.
The “IC” training is an intense course that will increase a trainee’s confidence, reinforce an understanding of the basic principles of public safety cycling, improve bike-handling skills, and prepare trainees to communicate that knowledge to others. Instructor-trainees learn how to identify and correct improper technique, assist students in overcoming individual difficulties, and incorporate various methods of instruction into the Police, EMS, and Security Cyclist Courses. Instructor certification is contingent upon satisfactory results of written and on-bike tests, as well as evaluated presentations.
“All eight trainees successfully completed the IDC”, reported PWC Ranger Wear. “Upon completion of the IC training course, the group was eligible to as become BRT Instructors. I conducted an additional Instructor Development Component (IDC) session, which added a BRT Trainer Identifier to their certification.” PWC Ranger Wear will act as advisor to the newly certified Instructors, to offer strategies for developing a resilient training program with basic and in-service training components.
Ranger “Bike Mike” Wear certified Prince William County Park Ranger Division’s very first Bike Unit earlier in the summer, as part of their community-focused safety presence. “ It’s important that the public feels at ease with the Rangers,” said PWC Park Ranger Chief Todd Reid.” A Bike Unit affords the Rangers the opportunity to get out of their vehicles and interact with the public to meet their needs.” The Bike Unit has been a big hit with the park patrons, according to Chief Reid, as well as the Ranger Division.
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