PWCS SAT Scores Remain Stable and Above National Average

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Provided by Prince William County Schools


The newly released 2016 average of SAT scores for Prince William County Public School (PWCS) students was unchanged from last year, remaining above national averages. Over the past five years, PWCS student scores rose by a combined total of 17 points, largely matching the rise seen across Virginia, though falling short of the statewide average score.


“We are again seeing a solid performance, but with room for continued improvement,” said Associate Superintendent for High Schools, Mickey Mulgrew.

Mulgrew noted that the number of PWCS students taking the SAT has increased by seven percent over the past five years, while statewide SAT participation dropped by six percent over the same period. “The increase in our SAT tests over the past few years is directly tied to our success in getting more students involved in rigorous AP, IB, and Cambridge courses,” he said. “Students who take courses like that are better prepared for college and for overall academic success.”

Among notable achievements in this year’s SAT results,

  • Four schools – Brentsville, Freedom, Potomac, and Woodbridge, increased scores in all three areas, with Freedom and Potomac, the schools most in need of improvement, showing the largest gains;
  • Osbourn Park increased in reading and writing; and
  • Combined totals at Battlefield, Osbourn Park, and Patriot all exceeded state and national averages. Brentsville, Forest Park, and Woodbridge all exceeded national averages.

At some schools, test participation decreased from last year because the released scores only go through January 2016. A new version of the SAT was introduced in March 2016. As of next September, College Board Reports for seniors will reflect performance on the new test and launch a new trend. The new test combines Critical Reading and Writing into one score.


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